What makes us different

Our approach is to listen to your needs and deliver personalized solutions based on your budget and timing. Our combined agency (creative) and consulting (management) approach is designed to help our clients achieve their financial targets. We understand that marketing investments are tied to a sales / bottom line result.

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What We Do

Our work involves planning, strategy, outreach and creative execution of client initiatives through our partner alliances and in collaboration with our partners’ agencies of record. With a 360 approach we make sure that all communications channels work together to make your message more effective – and your Budget work harder.

Creative Services

Whether it's adapting a global campaign to a local perspective, or crafting something completely new - the right creative conveys your message to achieve results.

Snow in the tropics not working for you? By adapting a global campaign to a local flavor - your message can be more effective, while meeting your global brand guidelines.
Drawing from a multitude of styles and techniques, craft a message as unique as your product. Individual executions or long range multi-dimensional campains unified by common design.
The right message stays fresh and drives action. The kind of actions that bring you results.
Companies that maintain and build on a logo are more profitable. Achieve the right identity the first time with a combination of logos, colors and style that matches your product and your consumers' tastes.

Digital Strategy

Consumers today are always on - and your message needs to provide the immediate response they demand in order to drive engagement. We can bring the best digital technology solutions to you at rates that meet your budget.

Frequently misunderstood and underused, social media is a necessity to build a two-way dialogue with consumers and define your brand/product. In addition to consumer facing activities, take advantage of analytics and big data to help you make better decisions.
Motivate and reward your consumers and internal stakeholders (employees, distributors) through loyalty programs. Combining easy to use technology solutions with superior analytics, the money you invest will result in better information and revenue for your brand/product.
Interface with consumers at events, purchase touch-points and social media to generate and manage an active database and email marketing campaign.
Video content is key. Monetize your assets through applications that bring on-demand options to your consumers and drive engagement and purchase opportunities.

Strategic Services

We can help you gain market insight through market research and consulting projects. The use of translations is very important in the region to achieve consistency and align with global programs.

Quantitative and qualitative research. Questionnaires (online and intercept), focus groups and desk research. Secret shoppers.
Conveying a global message in a way that makes sense locally can be about selective translations. In situations where consistency and speed is paramount - our access to sophisticated digital/traditional systems allows you to save money when translating documents that have high repetition (catalogues, manuals).
Go-to-market strategy, SWOT analysis, sku rationalization, channel strategy, pricing, supply chain optimization, organizational change management, sales effectiveness.
For start-ups or new category entrants - we will work with you to ensure your business plans are best in class.

Web Design

We will customize a website that meets your needs and that you can manage independently. One payment for a complete site. Don't make a mistake by hiring a free lance or "do-it-yourself" site that will leave you open for cyberattacks or in the need of paying monthly "maintenance fees".

Content Creation

Create animations, 3D designs, video testimonials that tell your story. Replace that 80 page deck with an engaging 60 second video that you can use in presentations, your website, social media and email marketing.

Public Relations

Consumers are skeptical about paid advertising and react more favorably to stories advanced by media and influencers they follow. Investing in public relations can further your message more effectively.

Sales Support

Brochures, sales decks, merchandise and supporting displays that help your sales team and retailers promote your product effectively

For Entrepreneurs

You’ve got a game changing idea.

Before jumping into the marketplace your company is evaluating the key variables, resource needs, and projections that will define the business to investors and lead to successful execution.

Connectors International brings together resources and strategic insight that will allow your start-up to act as an established player.

Connectors International understands startups and how to help you transition from the idea phase to a successful market entry and growth.

01. Strategy

Strategic assessment to define the market, product, consumers, channels of entry, revenue/cost, and resource requirements for a successful pitch and valuation.

02. Valuation

Financial analysis and modeling based on a correct strategy to present your business to investors, clients and partners.

03. Identity

Our corporate identify package will give your idea a an image and personality to match your industry and passion (logo, fonts, colors)

04. Advertising

From a professional presentation to advertising and marketing collateral to communicate your business adequately to your clients, consumers and investors.

About Us

Consider us your extended brand team

Our background

A world of connections and experiences at your disposal

After years in diverse positions in multinational organizations - managing teams in Latin America and the US, we realized the urgent need for international teams to find an agency that could offer a full-service experience and strategic help at a reasonable budget. We put together a crack team of specialists in-house, and struck alliances with top in-market companies that offer subject area expertise. The result is an organization that can bring you the latest technology and advertising services, the muscle you need, and a budget that delivers outstanding value for money.
We're great for entrepreneurs! Our approach began with international teams in mind - large US/European companies seeking to grow their marketing presence in Latin America. We quickly realized the need for a multi-platform solution extended in concept to startups. We created a specialized suite of products for young companies looking to quickly ramp up - from corporate identity to marketing collateral and also advisory services in strategy and finance to help you define your go to market strategy (and be ready for Angel/VC presentations). Let us connect you!

What makes us different

If you could be in many places at the same time...

Our clients tell us we are more than a creative company - we are strategic partners and an extention of themselves. We like to think that if you clone yourself to be in several places at the same time we would be several of those clones. We bring in-market expertise and connections, report back to you - and with your direction drive for results.
The secret to our success is not a secret at all. We will work with you and your team to build actionable solutions as an advisory partner - and then turn around and execute them for you. We go straight to the source - with a network of expert suppliers that bring you strength and redundancy to achieve your goals. We have spent years working with some of the world's most admired brands and understand the importance of maintaining tight brand guidelines and communication standards. So - while we will work hard to localize a message - you can expect that your brand and message will have consistency across channels and geographies.

Our Clients

With a broad range of industry and project experience we will work with you to create a program that makes sense for your industry and needs

About Us

We are creatives, business people, entrepreneurs, engineers, technology geeks - united by our passion to help our clients grow their business. Our network of in-house talent and partner companies provides the depth and breadth to meet the most demanding requirements. With the right area specialists - our clients enjoy the latest in technology and business strategy

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